Download your timesheets

When working with Staff Australia, you may be required to report your hours of work by using the attached timesheet. 
A timesheet is a document used to record the hours an employee works. It details the start and end times of shifts, breaks, and total hours worked. Timesheets ensure accurate tracking for our payroll team, helping employees to receive the correct compensation.
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For prompt payment with no hassles, you’ll need to keep an accurate record of your hours. Accurate timesheets ensure you are paid correctly and on time, reflecting your hard work.

To download an individual timesheet, simply click the button below.

Once you’ve filled it out, your timesheet must be given to your supervisor to sign and submit to payroll. If your timesheet is not signed by your supervisor, your timesheet is not valid and cannot be processed. Keeping this process smooth helps everyone stay on track and ensures your compensation is never delayed.