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I have read the guidelines presented to me, and agree to follow the procedure in accordance with the Australian Bakels Policies. (Also read Bakels Quality Policy).
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Question 1
In the event of an emergency, what should you do?
Question 2
It is a requirement for all full time and part time employees, contractors and agency staff working at any Australian Bakels site, to present for work with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of less than:

Question 3
Employees should challenge unidentified or unknown persons on site or notify a supervisor/manager?

Question 4
Are steel capped boots required at all times in production, dispatch and warehouse?

Question 5
Eye protection is not required at this facility?

Question 6
What is the speed limit on site?

Question 7
If you are injured at work, you MUST: Report it to a Bakels Manager/supervisor AND record it in the Bakels first aid book.

Question 8
What does HACCP Stand for?

Question 9
Food Safety = HACCP + GMP

Question 10
Which of the following items are permitted to take into the factories?

Question 11
What type of pens/pencils are allowed in the factory?

Question 12
Are the following permitted on site? Picking nose, biting fingernails, licking fingers, dipping fingers in food, and sneezing without covering your mouth

Question 13
Is this statement true? No false fingernails, false eyelashes, make up or nail polish is permitted.

Question 14
Which of the following activities require you to wash your hands?

Question 15
What type of jewellery is permitted in the manufacturing area?

Question 16
What kind of band aids/plasters can be worn in the factories?

Question 17
Which of the following symptoms will not result in exclusion from manufacturing areas?

Question 18
Hair and beard nets are required in production areas?

Question 19
Gloves should be changed when:

Question 20
What colour cleaning equipment is used to clean food machinery?