Fleetmark steams ahead with Staff Australia to rebrand trains


Fleetmark, a global leader in technology-based vehicle
branding solutions approached Staff Australia in 2010
after winning a major contract to rebrand Victoria’s

The company needed a skilled temporary workforce for
12- 18 months, along with supervisors to fulfil major
requirements to its new client, Metro Trains. It needed to
recruit the right mix of people within an aggressive

The job of rebranding to Metro required expert logistics
to coordinate rebranding teams working on shifts when
trains weren’t operating. Another requirement was that
all staff needed to be trained in Track Awareness to
adhere to transport safety codes.

Further, with this type of fleet branding being such a
niche skill set, the required skilled labour was mostly
engaged in other active rebranding projects. So getting
the best people on the job was no walk in the park.


Staff Australia quickly got to know the client’s
requirements and used its network and talent search
capability and unique recruitment methodology to
appoint people to the rebranding team. Staff Australia
provided the recruitment and ongoing management of
the specialist outsourced team fulfilling the work.

Fleetmark’s project managers. The Staff Australia team
took responsibility for scheduling, training, managing for
maximum output and labour cost efficiency.


Staff Australia ramped up within 30 days. It skilfully got
people trained and on the job and managed the
workforce through to completion of project, ultimately
delivering to Metro Trains: a rebranded train fleet on
time and on budget.

Working with Staff Australia, meant that Fleetmark could
focus on the customer and delivering world class
branding solutions while Staff Australia delivered the
quality and efficiency of the skilled workforce.

Staff Australia was available 24/7 to manage all the
scheduling and any people issues that arose were
handled expertly. Partnering with Staff Australia saved
Fleetmark the cost of employing internal staff
management for a short term requirement.
This model gives the customer the ability to quickly
scale and expertly outsource noncore contract labour
needed to fulfil major projects.

Fleetmark has been awarded the tender to rebrand
Queensland Rail city trains in their new livery.
Commencing in March2012, this project will take
approximately two years to complete and confirms
Fleetmark’s ability to compete and win some of
Australia’s largest rebranding projects. Fleetmark will
partner with Staff Australia in Queensland to guarantee
success there.

“We rely heavily on Staff Australia to deliver flexible
staffing solutions. Working with Staff Australia gives us
the management and financial freedom to win and
deliver these high profile projects expertly and with
ease,” said Stuart Farrow, Group General Manager,