Call Active

Call Active reduces absenteeism and turnover with Staff Australia


The key to Call Active’s successful call centre operation is people.  Call Active competently trains and provides the right environment for them to excel but attracting the right staff is where it all starts.

In early 2010 Staff Australia approached Call Active, an outsourced contact centre provider to see if its team could assist the company in finding better customer service representatives (CSRs) to reduce staff turnover and absenteeism.

At the time, Call Active had more than 600 agents who were mostly assigned to a large telecommunications account. The issue Call Active had, was that training to get people ‘working the phones’ was intense but absenteeism and turnover was high.

To get staff to a point where they could resolve issues, up sell and cross sell could take 4 -6 weeks and a sizable training investment per person. Outbound call centre teams with a remit for more challenging telemarketing work usually have higher turnover and absenteeism rates than those handling incoming enquiries. This meant that servicing this major account ran the risk of being unprofitable.

Adding to the commercial challenges was the situation where Call Active could be heavily penalised if call targets were not met, this of course is difficult to avoid on days when many people were absent.

100% plus turnover is the norm in outsourced call centres working on these types of telecommunications accounts, so any decrease in turnover and absenteeism was beneficial to Call Active.


Staff Australia pin pointed the issues and developed a solution to solve some of Call Active’s woes. The company needed a way to hire more reliable people who were more likely to stay longer.

Staff Australia sourced (from the best assessments available) a process to measure candidate’s likelihood to stay on longer, or their ‘stickability’ and their reliability. Scoring high on these factors would drive down turnover and absenteeism.

A screening process was put in place and managed by Staff Australia whereby only people scoring high on the test were put forward for roles with Call Active.

Staff Australia continues to work closely with clients and candidates to manage onsite issues.  The Staff team takes the time to understand the business from both an operational and cultural point of view. This is done in an unobtrusive way and the relationship thrives as a partnership more so than a mere client or service provider relationship.


Within 12 months of measurements Staff Australia helped to achieve a reduction in turnover from 100% to 90% in the inbound team and an impressive 100% to 80% turnover rate in the outbound team.

On the back of its success with improving the’ stickability’ and reliability of the team, Staff Australia has become the most prominent recruitment provider at Call Active’s operation. In many cases over time Call Active is offering the people Staff Australia put forward permanent roles.

The candidates presented by Staff Australia fulfil the operational aspects of the role but have also enhanced the unique cultural aspects Call Active encourages including resourcefulness and teamwork.

“The understanding of Call Active, allows Staff Australia to be extremely responsive and flexible with our requirements particularly with outbound consultants. Previously recruiting agencies have struggled to supply both quantity and quality candidates. Staff Australia has excelled in this demanding form of recruiting to the point that our outbound attrition and tenure figures have for the first time outstripped those of our inbound consultants.

“Since using Staff Australia’s expertise we have increased our overall tenure figures significantly. We have achieved this by not only starting with great people but also through utilising the various other mechanisms and ideas Staff Australia bring to the table; these include access to experts in HR, health and safety, payroll, and industrial relations. These services have proved invaluable at various times during our partnership.

“We look forward to continuing to grow and develop our business in the coming years and would not undertake such a program without the secure knowledge that Staff Australia will be there to assist,” said, Nathan Burke, Chief Operating Officer, Call Active.