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Employees and Contractors Induction and Information Guide

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Emergency, OH&S, Security, Site Map, Food Safety, Good Manufacturing Practices and Hygiene Procedures.

Australian Bakels cares about its customers, its product, food safety of their employees and the safety of all visitors and contractors.

At Australian Bakels we want to ensure that our contractors, new employees and visitors know our company policies and abide by them at all times whilst on site. The following information in this booklet will inform you of your responsibilities whilst on site.

Prior to commencing any work on site, you are obligated to read this booklet, complete the questionnaire (attached), sign it and return it to the person who has inducted you on site.

All contractors are required to provide copies of relevant insurances (worker’s compensation, public liability and professional indemnity).

All contractors are required to redo their induction once a year at a nominated time and supply copies of relevant insurances (worker’s compensation, public liability and professional indemnity).

Failure to comply with Australian Bakels company policies could result in your removal from the site and future work with the company reviewed.


As soon as you arrive on site you must sign in, either at Reception, Frozens or at the Finished Products Warehouse. You must wear a visitors or contractors tag for identification.

In the event of an emergency, warn others (where possible) in the immediate area. Assist in controlling the emergency only if safe and evacuate. Evacuees from the Warehouse area will evacuate to point A as shown on the attached Site Map, all other evacuees will evacuate to point B on the attached Site Map. Please pay attention to the area fire warden who will be wearing a red or yellow coloured hard hat. An emergency may be signaled by various fire alarms throughout the site or an intercom announcement.

Fire extinguishers and hydrants are located in key locations on site. Please keep these clear at all times.
Reception can be contacted by dialing 9.


Contractors must ensure a safe workplace, through the use of safe systems. Contractors are required to perform their own risk assessments and job safety analysis on the tasks they were contracted to perform on the Australian Bakels site.

Contractors working on site should have a permit from Australian Bakels to do so and must know where the fire fighting equipment is in their locality of work.

Contractors are to ensure that plant and equipment installed at Australian Bakels can be used safely.

Employees and Contractors Induction and Information Guide

All incidents and injuries are to be reported to an Australian Bakels Manager or Supervisor, with all injuries written up into the Australian Bakels first aid book. Located in Frozens and the OH&S and Rehab Managers office in the Main Administration Building.

A speed limit of 15 kph is the maximum allowed on site at all times.

Where licensing requirements are mandatory by work cover, they must be carried on you at all times. e.g. forklifts, cherry pickers etc.

No horse play or running is permitted throughout the site.

Hazardous substances and dangerous substances brought on site, need prior approval from the OH&S and Rehab Manager and or Q.C.

Steel capped safety footwear is mandatory when working on site, and visitors must wear enclosed footwear when walking on site (except for certain circumstances e.g.: roofers).

Eye protection must be worn when using compressed air, handling chemicals and using maintenance equipment such as grinders and welders, etc.

Personal Protective Equipment appropriate to the individual’s requirements must be worn.

Out of service tags and danger tags must be used as required and only be removed by the person who issued it.
Excavations and floor openings must be barricaded effectively and signs displayed.

Painted safety pedestrian walkways must be used at all times. Stop signs and traffic flow indicators must be adhered to.

Confined space procedures must be adhered to.

When working at heights, a safety harness/fall arrest system must be used or a proper safety cage system.
First Aiders are available throughout the site, and first aid kits can only be dispensed from by a qualified First Aider.


Site security cameras have been installed around the AB Silverwater site. The areas of surveillance have been clearly identified with signs that include all entries, exits, car parks and yard area. Several cameras have been installed in production areas.

Identification badges received from reception must be worn at all times.

Valuables should not be brought onto the site.

The removal of stock or equipment is illegal without the use of correct invoicing or written authority. Persons found in breach of this provision will also be removed from the site, and legal action may be taken.

Employees are encouraged to challenge unidentified or unknown persons on site or notify a Supervisor or Manager of these persons. Visitors and Contractors should be wearing a visible visitors tag or be accompanied by a staff member.


HACCP Food Safety program
We are committed to the continual improvement of our business in order to meet the changing requirements of our customers and the regulatory authorities, which govern the food industry, and as Bakels developed a Food Safety Programme based on the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical control Point (HACCP).

The HACCP programme enables us to supply product to our customers that is safe at all times. Bakels are also certified for BRC Global Food safety Standards.

We have adopted a continuous improvement approach to our programme to ensure that all product and services will not compromise our product safety; this is extended to our key suppliers as well as staff and processes. All aspects of our processes, which have a direct effect on quality and Food Safety, have been documented including any critical limits, which form a part of our Food Safety monitoring.

As a part of our training programme, all staff are trained and given resources to ensure our Food Safety Programme is fully understood and maintained to the highest possible level.

All positions within our company have clearly defined responsibility with regard to Food Safety.

We have a programme that captures any non-conformances, improvement requests and customer complaints that can affect product safety and we encourage this at all levels of our company.

We have a process of internal audits including site inspections and process auditing that ensures our systems are reviewed, along with regular food safety meetings, and external pest control monitoring.

Food Safety = HACCP + GMP
H = Hazard = anything that can cause harm
A = Analysis = what we do to check out the process
C = Critical = it’s a must for safe food
C = Control = making sure that everything is done correctly
P = Point = the place to look
P = Plan = the written result – what the hazard Analysis has shown.
G = Good
M = Manufacturing
P = Practice

THE HACCP PLAN is an essential tool to prevent problems that could make food unsafe to consume.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plan is:

  1. Checking out the process for anything that can cause harm.
  2. Then looking at the places where food may become unsafe and making sure that everything is done correctly to ensure the safety of the food.
  3. Finally writing down the results.

GMP Guidelines
Several foods allergens are used in the Factory as an ingredients. We ensure to take all possible steps to identify and segregate allergens from non allergens in order to prevent cross contamination.
Allergen is a product that, when consumed brings about a negative health effect for certain sensitive population.

The Key food allergen are:

  • Peanuts
  • Tree nuts, such as walnuts
  • Soy
  • Milk and its products
  • Egg
  • Cereals containing Gluten
  • Crustacea (seafood)
  • Fish
  • Sesame seeds

All food brought on site is restricted to the lunchroom area and is not permitted in the manufacturing areas. This is to avoid potential for employees to physically contaminate product with other products or allergens.

Be aware of food allergens: Always ensure uniform is not contaminated with food and wash hands thoroughly before entering the manufacturing area after lunch. Refer to signage posted in the lunch rooms.

Allergen foods are handled in the factory and attention to dedicated equipment is required as certain material require the use of dedicated utensils/equipment (e.g.: dedicated scoops for raw ingredients)

When using cleaning equipment or brush ware, please follow the HACCP colour coding as provided. Green coloured equipment is not to be used under any circumstances for anything other than the cleaning of equipment and conveyors.

No jewellery of any kind is permitted in the Raw material handling, processing, packing and storage areas. (including watches, wedding bands, rings & studs in exposed parts of the body such as ears, nose, tongue & eyebrows)

Jewellery presents both a WH&S and Food safety risk. Loose jewellery and rings can get caught in machinery and represents a substantial risk of injury to staff. Furthermore there is always the risk that part or whole Jewellery could fall off and contaminate the product.

Items worn for the purpose of medical identification are acceptable but must be secured in such a way that no risk of contamination to product is possible (supervisors shall be advised of the medical condition).

Failure to comply with this policy constitutes serious and/or wilful misconduct and will lead to termination of employment
Hair nets must be properly worn in the factory along with beard nets as appropriate.

Chewing of gum, eating and drinking are not permitted in the factories (drinking from supplied water outlets allowed)
Under no circumstances may glass, crockery, cigarettes, tobacco, food or drinks be carried into the production areas.

We have a no smoking policy on site. Designated smoking areas are located outside the site on Derby Street, Edgerton Street and Wetherill Street. Failure to comply can lead to your permanent removal from the site.

Any spilled or dropped product must be discarded. Under no circumstances shall spilled or dropped product be used in manufacturing or packed for sale.

Blue disposable gloves are provided for the safe handling of food. If the gloves are damaged during use in production, supervisors must be informed if there is a missing part of the glove that potentially has fallen into the product.

All personnel (staff/visitors/contractors) entering the Factories (Powders, Pre-weight room, Frozens, Fats and Liquids) must use only metal detectable pens provided by the supervisor.

No other pens or pencils are allowed to be taken or used in the factories.

It is the responsibility of the factory supervisors to ensure that their staff have been provided with a metal detectable pens and monitor its use.

Metal Detectable pens will be made available from the stationary cabinet for staff and at the reception for the visitors & contractors.

All visitors to the factories and the contractors working in the factories for any length of time must be provided with these pens at the time of signing in.

All pens must be returned to the reception when signing out by Visitor/contractor.

Retractable or Stanley knives are not permitted in the manufacturing plant. All knives used to cut bags and packaging are issued and controlled by the supervisor.

Rubbish should be disposed of correctly, and clean as you go must be applied whilst on site. Contractors are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and reconciliation of own tools.

Pins, staples and paper clips are not permitted in any manufacturing areas.

A cutting and welding permit must be filled out before the use of naked flames or hot metal grinding is allowed on site.

Metal Detectors are installed for the removal of foreign objects. If a metal detector has rejected a bag or carton please notify your supervisor or leading hand straight away.


Good personal hygiene practices must be demonstrated while on the Australian Bakels site.

Hands must be hygienically washed before entering the factories.

Clean uniforms and footwear must be worn at all times (No shorts allowed on site)

Finger nails are to be kept short, clean and either unvarnished or covered with gloves. Acrylic /false nails are not permitted.

Spitting on site will lead to your removal from the site.

All open wounds must be covered. Only Blue metalized band aids can be worn in the factories. These blue metal strip plasters are issued by the Company and monitored.

The use of drugs or alcohol is prohibited on site.

No one suffering from contagious diseases are permitted on site as this can pose risk to product safety.

Personal medication is to be kept in lockers in the amenity rooms, unless it is critical to the health of an individual.

Excessive perfume or aftershave is not permitted in the manufacturing areas.


Australian Bakels will not tolerate Harassment, Discrimination or Bullying.

Sexual Harassment, which can be in any of the following forms will not be tolerated:

  1. Comments about a person’s sexual life or appearance.
  2. Suggestive behavior.
  3. Unnecessary physical intimacy, such as brushing up against a person.
  4. Sexual jokes, offensive telephone calls, photographs, reading matter or objects.
  5. Sexual propositions or continued requests for dates.
  6. Physical contact such as touching or fondling.
  7. Indecent assault or rape (which is also criminal offences).

Australian Bakels abides by the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977, the Federal Human Rights & Equal Opportunities Commission Act 1986, the Federal Racial Discrimination Act 1975, the Sexual Discrimination Act 1984, the Federal Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Federal Age Discrimination Act 2004.



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Click here to read the Australian Bakels Policy Manual.


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