Staff Australia helps asylum seekers find meaningful work in the community

Staff Australia supports a wide range of community groups, but the team is really excited about programs that help disadvantaged people get jobs. A group that often find themselves ‘up against it’ on the job search front, are asylum seekers. Staff Australia works alongside the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) Australia’s largest and leading asylum seeker support organisation that assists thousands of asylum seekers each year. The ASRC is a multi-award winning, independent human rights organisation that assists some of the most disadvantaged people in our community. One of the ASRC’s programs, the Asylum Seeker Service for Employment and Training (ASSET) is a pioneer of asylum seeker employment and education services. Since it began in 2004, it has assisted more than 1500 asylum seekers in all areas of employment and training. It’s a crucial service, as without work, most of its clients have no access to income support and would be left destitute if not for the efforts of the ASRC. Staff Australia assists with the Job Search program for job ready asylum seekers which is an intensive job search and application service to match applicants’ skills sets, salary expectations, availability, culture and values and access to transport with sustainable and fulfilling employment opportunities. Gavin Ackerly of ASRC said, “We are excited about the new partnership with Staff Australia and placing many more clients in suitable roles with Staff Australia’s help. It’s a company that is great to work with and has valuable experience and insights to offer us along with a very strong network. “We believe the initiative is a win-win for both our organisations. Staff Australia is able to access a largely untapped pool of motivated workers, while our asylum seeker clients get the support they need and that valuable first foot in the door with Australian employers,” Gavin said.