BP recognises Staff Australia for excellence in safety

Staff Australia is very proud of its commitment to safety and has been recognised by BP Australia for the following: Key Retail Contractor recognised for High Standards in Health Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE); 2011 Small Contractor of the Year – Service Excellence; 2011 Small Overall Contractor of the Year – Service Excellence and finally, Staff Australia received a Certificate of High Achievement in attaining high standards in HSSE Management Systems during 2011. “Staff Australia is a major contractor to BP / Castrol and thus plays a key role in protecting BP’s reputation in the marketplace as the industry leader in the area of HSSE. Staff Australia is a key partner in Castrol’s overall national retail offer by providing the highly trained merchandising staff necessary to implement and manage our specialised retail promotional offers as well general day to day customer support by providing services ranging from supply of POS to complete visual display creations. Staff Australia has fully embraced the BP mantra – No accidents, No harm to people and No damage to the environment and constantly reinforces this with its entire staff. Staff Australia has now stepped things up a notch and begun to walk the talk by ensuring all their team members are ‘safe to go’ on all fronts – from areas such as before they commence their travel that day by identifying and mitigating the danger, to ‘planning the hazards out’ of any specific job that day.” – Pierre C Niclas of BP.